Curated by Kira & Kai

Welcome to a new world of personal shopping!

Are you unsure where to start outfitting your beach house? Does your deck need a refresh? What’s missing from your beach lifestyle vibe? Let Kira & Kai create a personalized shopping list based on your distinc style.

It’s easy-Simply fill out the attached questionnaire and kira & Kai will custom tailor suggestions just for you. From décor to outdoor furniture and more, your home is a reflection of YOU. Let us pick the items that let your style shine brightest.

The colours of your favorite outfit are:
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You're planning a perfect summer day.It includes:
You are heading out of the house for the day. What are you throwing your gear in?

Curated by Kira & Kai

Your style is: MODERN BEACH

You love mixing clean lines with fresh trends. You believe form, function and style can all coexist, and you never want to sacriface one for another. We’ve hand curated a list for you that brings the durable practically you demand with the minimalist beach style you desire. Read on for a description of these products pciked just for you by Kira & Kai!